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This blog is about the real estate market of Southeast Asia, about good and bad developers, about partnerships and competitions, about mistakes and victories, about our team and the clients we work for.

Fasten your seat belts we’re about to take off


My name is Maksym Sakharov, and in this blog, I will tell you how I am developing the luxury real estate agency No.1 in the market. So without further ado, let’s get right to it.

In January 2020, I was approached by one of the Singapore real estate agency to consult them on digital marketing. After a fair bit of analysis, I realized that the real estate market in Singapore has remained rather conservative, despite seemingly total digitalization of the country. Marketing tools used by the local real estate businesses do not go much further than printed media, outdoor advertisements, giveaway flyers, and business cards. Having ignored all modern ways of marketing their products, real estate brokers seemed to be stuck in the 2000s, which, let’s be honest, is a lot like being stuck in the Ice Age. I ran some test Google queries and noticed a few real estate agencies and a couple of large aggregators are using Google Adwords and SEO tools. Apart from it, that was all. 

The next big revelation was the working conditions of the brokers. Aside from making sales, which by the way should be their only task, the brokers take up work related to the marketing department - they seek clients, draw presentations, and compile videos. Agencies merely provide them with some office space and company names on the business cards. On top of it, after all this colossal work done by the brokers, agencies cut 50 to 70% share of their commissions. 

Seeing these flaws were enough to ignite the idea of launching my own real estate company and shaking up the Southeast Asian real estate market. High expertise in digital marketing gives an undeniable advantage in this endeavor. To begin with, our professional marketing team will guarantee a constant stream of clients to our brokers, while the brokers will be able to focus on their main function - the sales. 

It is worth mentioning why I made the choice to locate Whitemark in Vietnam. It all boils down to the advertising prices, lack of competition in IT and digital marketing, the exponential growth of the economy, and what’s more important, the grandiose scale of construction with captivating architectural solutions in Vietnam.

No doubt, there is a lot of backbreaking work ahead. My team and I accept the challenge to build the No.1 Real Estate Agency in the market. 

We are all in.

Are you with us?