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This blog is about the real estate market of Southeast Asia, about good and bad developers, about partnerships and competitions, about mistakes and victories, about our team and the clients we work for.

Visual inconsistency.

This is how I describe all digital display advertising and visual content in the Vietnam luxury real estate market. Having launched Whitemark one year ago, I deliberately decided not just to meet international market standards, but to raise the benchmark of aesthetics in the entire real estate. Our websites, our advertising campaigns, like lightning in a bottle, grab the attention of potential customers and evoke their emotions. Every week, again and again, we keep receiving calls from people who after visiting our website think that we are their developer, and so they call us to clarify whether their payment had passed through or when their house is to be commissioned. Some of these callers turn into our clients.

Now we are putting all our efforts to launch a completely new solution for the Vietnamese market - we are creating a one-of-a-kind VR tour overview for our primary real estate projects. This will allow our clients not only to imagine what a house under construction would look like when completed, but much more - it will let them stroll around green landscapes of the projects, check-in the lobbies, walk-in their future apartments, and feels its space and layout, all without leaving the convenience of their sofas for a mere second. Now during COVID-19, when visiting showrooms is unsafe, our technology will usher in a new era in the development of the entire primary real estate market of Vietnam. We will start with the Thu Thiem peninsula, which we are almost done with.

Coming soon!