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This blog is about the real estate market of Southeast Asia, about good and bad developers, about partnerships and competitions, about mistakes and victories, about our team and the clients we work for.

The first quarter is over

In May 2020, at the height of the pandemic COVID-19, I launched Whitemark, a tech-focused luxury real estate agency. Everyone twisted their fingers at the temples, they say all the company is now closing on the contrary, and you are launching a new one. I know for sure that playing against the market can be more difficult, but successful development gives exponential growth.

In these three months, we have faced many difficulties. Some of them have already been resolved, and we continue working on it. Now I understand Whitemark is not just a real estate agency. Whitemark is an IT company that operates in the real estate market. From the first day of work, we began transferring prospects to our sales department. Now we have four brokers who receive calls daily from new customers.

In the first three months of operation, we have already closed 15 deals with a total turnover of 54 billion VND.

In one of our top projects, The Opera Residence, we nailed a hefty 12 000 000 000 VND booking for a fabulous two-bedroom with dazzling views over the River.

In Sunshine Diamond River, we have three deposits for chic apartments with terraces. The first apartments cost 4,912,000,000 VND, the second  5,286,000,000 VND, and the third 5,230,000,000 VND.

We also sold one apartment with two bedrooms costing 6,100,000,000 VND in the Sunshine Horizon apartment complex.

In project Precia in District 2, we have three bookings. Two apartments with one bedroom cost 2,550,000,000 VND and 2,450,000,000 VND. And one apartment with two bedrooms costing 3,234,000,000 VND.

In the Vinhomes Grand Park project, we sold seven apartments with a total value of 13,800,000,000 VND.

Some of our competitors might feel uneasy. Not being used to an open approach in doing business, they just won’t understand why I reveal our results to the public. Well, let me tell you that a contemporary company should be transparent.

I can see plenty of stalemate rules in the Vietnamese real estate business models, and Whitemark is here to break them all. Within a couple of years, we will put down all the fat cats of this market.

First, we create a new lean company that will set a quick technological pace for Vietnam’s conservative real estate market.

Perhaps this post will be read by good Ho Chi Minh brokers. Those who want their lives to boil and those who love money. I am sure you have excellent work experience and desire to become the best. At the same time, you are forced to sit in boring unpromising offices without new deals, without money, and with an irrelevant base of «regular loyal customers.»

Welcome to Whitemark.

We'll make sure you have a steady stream of clients.