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This blog is about the real estate market of Southeast Asia, about good and bad developers, about partnerships and competitions, about mistakes and victories, about our team and the clients we work for.

«Why broker if I can go to a developer and buy property directly from him?» you might ask.

Why broker if I can go to a developer and buy property directly from him?" you might ask. I get this question over and over again. The longer I work with luxury real estate, the more I understand who qualifies as our client and who doesn't.

I am not here to convince you that every client needs a real estate broker. Everyone can actually address a developer directly to purchase a unit. However, it only works when the client knows exactly what he wants and where to find it. You have browsed webpages of endless developments, looked through countless presentations, and called up hundreds of phones from Batdongsan, narrowed down your choice, been to some showings, compared options, made up your mind, and finally bought the lot. Well done!

● Or is it? Are you really sure you have researched every single offering and haven't missed out on just the perfect fit for you? Mind you that in luxury and premium real estate the sweetest pieces usually are not open to the public - they tend to be sold through brokers.

● Or are you sure that you actually considered all high-end projects and none has slipped your attention? After all, best lots (let alone best lots for best prices) are sold long before official sales launches and online listings.

To wrap it up, our client is a person who likes being treated well and with due respect. They cherish their time and hate to waste it on piles of brochures and websites, they do not fancy calling up developers to try to haggle suitable showing times and match it with their schedule.

Our client has more to do than sit and scrutinize real estate contracts trying to find a catch. He's got a team of lawyers that make sure his assets are safe and protected. He does not watch "Top-10 investments" videos on Youtube - he entrusts his financials to professional advisors. He has a personal assistant for scheduling his meetings and dealing with mundane questions. The house is kept by specifically allocated personnel, and kids are looked after by highly paid educators. Should we say he does not drive himself? Well, obviously, he preferred the comfortable backseat. When he needs to buy a place for living, he calls Whitemark.

What I do clearly understand is the mindset of successful individuals. Valuing their time means letting others do service for you.

These people are the clients of ours - the clients of Whitemark.