Virtual Sales Gallery for Real Estate Developers

Our VR and AR technology helps your customers visit your property from wherever they are and make fast buying desicion. Broaden your customer base and increase sales.

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Put your customers’ fears to rest through safe, virtual viewings

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Boost your brand trust

Use technology to be seen as a trusted pioneer among your customers

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Higher visit rates

Increase the property visits exponentially thanks to these quick virtual viewings.

Sell your primary real estate within 7 days using our Virtual Sales Gallery

A complete digital experience that’s easy to integrate, customize, and use on all devices

How does it work?



We have set up Virtual Sales Galleries in Ukraine, Norway, France, Great Britain, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Poland, and Vietnam



Have started to sell real estate through our Virtual Sales Gallery and reached thousands of customers digitally


Virtual units

Created from the typical layouts of primary real estate properties around the world

How would you use your Virtual Sales Galleries?

Stunning viewing experiences that sell

  • Present your real estate project in the Virtual Sales Gallery on any device with a life-like experience
  • Introduce properties and environments to clients with an unmistakable wow factor
  • Meet with and convert clients in their own place of comfort
  • Oculus headsets along with palm controllers open a whole new gateway to virtual reality. They are lightweight, easy to transport and use
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Your property in your pocket

Experience the freedom of carrying your entire building model with you wherever you go.

  • Meet your customers wherever they are comfortable
  • Present your property on your phone or laptop using AR technology
  • Take advantage of our dedicated iOS and Android apps
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First impressions that last

3D models give your customers the option to do a virtual walkthrough of the property they’re looking to buy. It’s a simple way to get a great first look at the property for your customers.

  • Host impressive 3D models of your property on your website like the one you see here
  • Accessible through a web browser on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Possible to experience various perpectives of the property in various lighting conditions and times of the day.
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Click to explore inside

Click to view 360

window view

The real window view

Show your customer the real window view from each apartment that you will build. Change day or night to give your client a clear feeling about the future window view.

Virtual Sales Galleries are powered by VRNET Technology. Whitemark is the Exclusive Distributor of VRNET Technology in South East Asia.


What to display?

Use this technology to highlight the important aspects of your property. With easily customizable virtual viewings, the opportunities are endless. Your visitors can have a truly unique viewing experience of the property, that hasn't been built yet.

  • Apartments
  • Lobbies, Common areas, Parks
  • Residential primary projects
  • Villas, Townhouses
  • Districts, Villages

Clients we have wroked with

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How does it work?


Client books a virtual tour

It’s a simple online process. You can support multiple appointments at the same time as well.


You ship the VR headset to the client’s location

Your sales team can plan and execute multiple virtual showings at the same time using VR or online.


Client views the property virtually

They can take their time and your sales team can answer any questions they have in real-time.


A great fresh tool for real estate to stay ahead of the curve with technology. Our clients like it and it works positively for our brand as well.

Nguyen Thi Phuong Thuy, SonKim Land


Get started today

Setting up Virtual Sales Gallery is easy. We need source materials for our 3D modelers to create the 3D version of the property.

How do we work?

  • You provide us with 2D layouts of the property or development.

  • Our analysts will go over your project and if needed prepare a list of follow-up questions

  • Your interior designer gives recommendations for the interiors including a furniture handover list

  • We do the first iteration of the model and collect feedback from you

  • We apply your feedback and prepare for final handoff

  • You approve the rendering and get a digital 3D model of your property

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